The ProBeweis network was started in January 2012 with the support of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities it is coordinated by the Institute for Forensic Medicine at the Medical University of Hannover (MHH).

Together we have made it our mission to offer victims of domestic and / or sexual violence a needs-based, national, structured and standardised documentation and securing of evidence, which is independent of processes and does not require prior reporting to the police. Many victims find it difficult to decide immediately after they have experienced domestic and / or sexual violence whether they should to report it to the police.

With the ProBeweis network and its many examination centres a well-established, extensive care approach has been created in Lower Saxony to offer adults who have experienced domestic and /or sexual violence a free, confidential, fast and specific medical examination for the purpose of documentation and preservation of evidence which is admissible in court.

The aim of our work is to professionally secure evidence in a timely and comprehensive way in order to enable all victims to have optimised proof in the event of possible court proceedings in the future.

Our website gives information about ProBeweis’ approach and methods of proceeding, your local examination centres and support facilities and provides further information, and on request, materials to victims, professionals and doctors.

We very much hope that you will find initial helpful answers and information on our website. Please also alert others to our services and don’t be afraid to use our contact from if you have further questions or suggestions.

Best wishes
Your team from the ProBeweis network