• Have you been affected by domestic and/or sexual violence?
  • If you should want to lodge a report immediately, please contact a police station.
  • If you are still unsure but would like to document your injuries and secure the evidence, then the ProBeweis network can help you.
  • If you have symptoms or injuries that need medical attention, please seek medical help first as a priority!
  • Some injuries heal very quickly, objective evidence (e.g. semen or saliva) can be quickly lost through washing for example.
  • If you decide to lodge a criminal complaint some time after the event, injuries have often healed or evidence is no longer detectable which means there are no objective findings available for investigative proceedings.
  • Even the smallest injuries (bruises, scratches or similar) are important evidence which you should have documented.
  • In the case of sexual violence you should contact us straightaway - preferably within 72 hours after the event - and for sexual violence which happened more than three days ago or in the event of physical violence you should visit a nearby examination centre in a timely manner e.g. on the following day. There the ProBeweis network will offer you:
    • Court-admissible, free documentation and securing of evidence bound by medical confidentiality.
    • Care by trained doctors
  • You decide what should be examined and documented. Only if you agree to release the doctors from their duty of confidentiality will the evidence be passed on to the investigating authorities



  • If possible, do not wash.
  • Store items of clothing that may be relevant or other traces of evidence (sheets, tissues, etc) in a paper bag to dry - do not use plastic bags as this can destroy evidence.
  • If underwear is considered to contain traces of evidence, this can be handed in at the examination centres.
  • For larger items of clothing or other traces of evidence you will receive a special preservation bag so that you can store them at home.
  • Please bring a personal identification document with you.



  • First you will be given information about the examination.
  • In consultation with you, injuries will be documented (by photo) or evidence secured.
  • If you wish, you will be put in contact with regional victim support organisations.
  • Documentation and evidence will be stored securely and only released at your express request (for example if you later decide to lodge an official report).
  • Further examinations (e.g. DNA tests, tests for date rape drugs etc.) are not part of the examination and are not automatically carried out unless they have been ordered by the police.
  • Do you have any further questions? Would you like to arrange an appointment for an examination? It is best to contact us straight away!


Are you looking for advice and support in Lower Saxony?

  • You will find details of contacts, addresses and telephone numbers in Lower Saxony at our partner clinics.
  • Addresses and telephone numbers of women’s refuges, violence advisory centres, counselling and intervention centres (BISS) in Lower Saxony as well as victim support agencies can be found under the following link: www.ms.niedersachsen.de



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